About Dominion Accounting and Tax Service

Dominion Accounting and Tax Service has been delivering tax services to Canadians since 1979. Our business began around the kitchen table, an idea that became a reality. We outgrew the kitchen table and over the years we have changed locations but our “sit down, you are with friends” approach to providing service still guides us.

Twelve years ago we settled in to our current location at 966 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba where our business continues to thrive because of our practice of putting the client first and offering a premium service at an economical cost. This has resulted in a base of loyal, repeat clients who support us by referring their friends and family.

Today we are proud of the more than 13,000 clients who depend on Dominion Accounting and Tax Service for their income tax requirements and we thank them for their confidence in our service.

Our client base is varied and come to us from all over Canada including Nunavut and most provinces. Our philosophy is to provide value for our clients by ensuring the service they receive is accurate, efficient, and delivered in a friendly, respectful, manner. We believe in going the extra mile in customer care. Our approach is to assist the client in all ways to make “tax time” as stress free as possible while keeping our fees reasonable.

The dedication and expertise of many have assisted us in honoring the goals of Dominion Accounting and Tax Service. It requires special people to deliver the service that our clients have come to expect and rely on. We are privileged to have long term employees who have become part of the “Dominion” family.Our company would not have the benefit of such success or maintain our reputation for customer service without their commitment.

We look forward to serving you soon!
Rodney Steiman, President